Willing to pay somebody to clean an 2 minute interview for m


I’m completly novice and I need to clean a short interview. I’m ok to pay a reasonnable price via paypal to somebody really competent.


…That’s not a job for me… Maybe some someone here will take “quick shot at it” for free??? Of course, we can give you free advice. :wink: Most of use here do this stuff 'cause it FUN!

Can you [u]attach/upload[/u] the file (or a short selection from the file) so we know what you are dealing with.

The problem is, if the recording is very-bad there’s probably not much you can do. :frowning: Maybe it could be improved, but there’s a good chance you won’t be happy with the results and you’ll feel ripped-off. Even with the latest pro software, pros still record in soundproof studios with good equipment, good mic positioning, and good talent, etc. “On location” movie dialog is re-recorded in the studio, because it’s impossible to make a good recording from a bad recording.

And, this stuff tends to be VERY time consuming. It could easily take half a day to “clean-up” a half-hour interview… You’ve got to listen-through before you start, listen as you are “cleaning-up”, and listen again to the result. That’s an hour-and-a-half or 2 hours minimum for a half-hour audio program. A plumber or auto mechanic charges about $100 an hour… I’d probably do it for half that, but I’m NOT taking the job… Now, do you still want to hire someone?

Post a piece of the raw work. We may be able to just tell you how to clean it. Include a second or two of Room Tone (no words, just background) and then some performance. You can’t attach very much.


I’m completly novice and I need to clean a short interview.

Cellphones make sound recording seem a lot easier than it is.