Will old latency setting(s) be the same on New Version(s)?

I have windows xp and aud. 2.0, haven’t switched yet. But before 2.0 (not long ago) I had the previous version [version something?] and anyway that’s when I set my latency – okay and then switched to 2.0 and I noticed the latency I previously configured carried over, which is nice because I don’t have to go through all that again. So my question is: Being my adjusted latency setting of previous version carried over to my current version, 2.0, should that be accurate? or should I go through the whole process again and re-check it? Also I’m sure I will be upgrading again! to the newest version (2.1? or whatever it is) for which the same question applies. --Thank for the help here!, much appreciated.

The latency correction will carry forward to the next version providing you don’t reset Preferences in the Audacity installer.

Recording latency may change from time to time - or get worse if you install many CPU intensive programs. Only you can decide if the correction is currently accurate enough.