Will not record audio to speakers in Windows 7


Everything in Audacity seems to work except recording audio being sent to the speakers.

I am trying to record a audio stream from a website, obviously I can hear it on the PC’s Speaker or through my USB Headset so why does Audacity not see or record this media stream?

Preferences / Devices in Audacity are set as follows:
*Interface / Host: / “Windows DirectSound” (Using: PortAudio V 19-devel [built Jan 18 2013 20:58:19]
*Playback / Device: / "Speakers [6-Logitech G35 Headset]
*Recording / Device: / “Primary Sound Capture Driver” [Channels: "2 (Stereo)]

I have tried the matrix of selection possibilities available but none will record the audio being sent to the speakers. If I change the “Recording” option to "Microphone (6-Logitech G35 Headset) I can record my voice or other sounds through the microphone. I have tried the full matrix of option available under the Devices heading and nothing fixes my issue.

I have another piece of software that will record this audio stream without fail but I really wanted to use Audacity, can anyone please help?


Not all computers support Self Recording. It’s not a guaranteed service.




Thank you. I guess I will have to stick with SoundTap or Replay’s Media Catcher, since they both work.


At your own risk, you can try the Audacity latest “Nightly” development build from the top of this list which has a “loopback” feature to record audio playing through the sound device (even if your device lacks its own “stereo mix” input).

Select the “Windows WASAPI” host in the first box of Device Toolbar then choose the appropriate “(loopback)” input in the third box of Device Toolbar. This is experimental, so you may get “Error Opening Sound Device” at times, but feedback is welcomed.

Note: Windows WASAPI is only available for Windows Vista and later.