Will not playback [SOLVED]

I’m working in Windows 10 with Audacity 2.1.3 . Obtained the exe.installer. I run my mic and headphones through a PreSonus AudioBox itwo usb interface.

I have, successfully, recorded, played back, edited and exported finished projects already, but today I recorded a V O track and I can not play it back. It’s not that I just can’t hear it, the file isn’t playing at all!

I even closed the current file and opened up one of the previously completed files and it too, will not play! No movement of the transport what so ever.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Cold boot the computer. You can’t use USB devices for extended periods and expect them to just keep going.

Windows button, Power button, hold Shift and click “Shut Down”.


Thanks Gale,
I tried that last night and that must have been what worked because it’s playing fine again!