Will Audacity Work With.....?

Please forgive me if this question has already been asked. I did search FAQ and did a search for several key words and could find nothing.

I recently purchase a turntable with a USB connection to record some old albums that I still have. I wanted to convert them to MP3 and the turntable came with Audacity 2. The sound that I’m getting from the supplied (looks disposable) turntable is absolutely aweful. I remembered that I had a Dazzle DVC 80 that I had purchased years ago for the same purpose but had never used becuase my real turntable was hooked up to the stereo until recently. So I dug it out. Can I record from the Dazzle DVC using Audacity 2. If so, how will I make it see the device?



The DVC-80 appears to be a video to USB adapter. Nowhere does it says it converts audio. Even if it did you would need a phono pre-amp to go between your turntable and the DVC-80.

Also, the AVID knowledgebase says:

Will my MovieBOX USB, Dazzle DVC 150, DVC120, DVC 80 or DVC 90 work with 3rd party software?
No. MovieBOX USB, Dazzle DVC 150, DVC120, DVC 80 or DVC 90 is not supported with 3rd party software. It is designed to work with Studio…

Try the Behringer UFO-202 with your old, good turntable.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill. When I have a minute, I’ll try to hook up through the Dazzle and post the results. So Audacity will work with other inputs? I guess when it comes down to it, that was the real question. Also with what would it work? If Dazzle won’t get it, I’ll try the UFO.

Thanks again,