Will Audacity repair my WAV audio file?

It seems like after struggling with these for some time, I downloaded LAME 3.9 or something like that but never could make it work.

The files needing fixed will almost audibly play in Audacity when importing as RAW files with the appropriate little endian and most any sampling rate but I think the hitch is the ADPCM(INTEL) Codec ID 11 and maybe the 4 bit depth just not being available.

Format: WAVE
Overall Bit Rate Mode: Constant
Overall Bit Rate 128KB/S
Bit Rate Mode: Constant
Bit Rate 128KBS
CHANNEL(s): 2 channels
Sampling Rate 16.0 kHz
Bit Depth 4 BITS

It would be fantastic if I could repair a few of these files and I’ve since retired the VOX device that corrupted about every other audio file it captured.

LAME is for Exporting MP3 files. It is not used when importing files.

Import RAW is for importing headerless PCM files. It does not support IMA ADPCM.

Audacity is able to import normal ADPCM files, provided they are not corrupt or otherwise severely damaged.

Do you have any idea what I could use that would make them work?

What do you mean “work”? What’s wrong with them?
Where did these files come from?

It’s good to start a question by setting the scene rather than jumping straight into bit depths.

“I captured some sound using a Frammistat® stand-alone sound recorder and I can’t get Audacity to open the resulting sound files.”

As an example.

This prevents us from going off in all different directions and wasting time, and it also triggers warnings if you’re doing something naughty. Audacity may not be used for surveillance, law enforcement or conflict resolution.