will audacity include visual analysis in the future release?

ok , i really love audacity , i use always
but yesterday i had to use wavelab 4 , i found very usefull all the visual analysis included in wavelab 7 (i guess they are the same included in v6 and 5)

i know wavelab is very exansive and ok i know it , but some visual analysis would be great in audacity while i’m playin audio and i’m tring to restore some parts

sorry for my poor english!

Are you looking for these features?

wow , i have never seen such features , but are the optional , i have always perform simple tasks

about wavelab , have you never used it ? i’m looking for visual analysis like look

thanks a lot

As Steve said, we already have quite an advanced Spectrogram, and Plot Spectrum is not unlike the “Spectrometer” in your image. Did you click the links in Steve’s reply?

You could export a file from Plot Spectrum and manipulate the data in for example Excel to produce a bar chart.

If you want to make a feature request it needs to be very specific about what that feature is that we don’t already have.


If you want a free real-time spectrogram see … Filtering frequency during recording - #12 by Trebor [Windows only].