Will Audacity ever attempt to send or send generated bug reports anywhere?

Audacity 2.3.2, Windows 7.

My Audacity crashed due to lack of memory, and that happens, so I am not worried about that. What I am worried about though is that after it crashed and showed me that error dialog windows with “Abort” and “Retry” buttons (of which I pressed “Abort”), then it showed me that it generated some bug report. It was saying that as long as I press “Cancel” bug report won’t be generated. However, when I tried pressing “Cancel”, this “bug report window” also froze and crashed (or Audacity process decided to finally quit and closed that window together with itself, I don’t know), so I wasn’t able to press “Cancel” button to suppress that bug report. So now I wonder - did it send that bug report anywhere? I am a bit paranoid about things like these. Does Audacity ever send any reports or data anywhere over the Internet, including these reports, or THE ONLY thing it does is generating these reports so a user would manually upload them somewhere later? Could you please elaborate and clarify this? Thank you

No it doesn’t.

Yes. If Audacity generates a bug report, it is only generated locally on your computer. If you want to send it to someone, then you must email it, upload it, or send it by some other means. This is a deliberate policy of the Audacity developers because they share your concerns regarding security and privacy.

Many thanks for your quick and detailed response, steve! It was thorough. Issue solved!