Wiki lists incorrect Nyquist plug-ins for Audacity Beta

Hi folks,

Just noticed that the list of Nyquist plug-ins shipped with Audacity Beta, as shown in the wiki, is incorrect. I see a different list when I click on the Effect command in my installation of v1.3.14. I have not downloaded any additional plug-ins.

See attached screen grab:

The list is correct as far as I can see.
These are the plug-ins that are written in the Nyquist programming language.

Audacity also ships with some built-in effects that are part of the core Audacity code (not “plug-ins”). The built-in effects appear at the top of the list, then there is a dividing line and the plug-in effects are below the dividing line.

An easy way to identify “Nyquist plug-ins” is that they have a “Debug” button (and no “Preview” button).


I’m sorry but I haven’t found a way to capture the drop-down list of Effects using Win 7’s Snipping Tool so let me try and make myself clear. The screen shot in the previous post shows the list of Nyquist effects that should be in the v1.3.14 build - as per the wiki. The following is the list of “below the line” entries as I see it under Effects in Audacity: Clip Fix…, Compress dynamics…, Crossfade In, Crossfade Out, Delay…, GVerb…, Hard Limiter…, High Pass Filter…, Low Pass Filter…, Noise Gate, Notch Filter…, SC4…, Tremolo, Vocal Remover…, Vocoder… Of these, the Noise Gate and Compress dynamics effects were downloaded and installed by me this afternoon. The contents of the plugins directory for Audacity is as shown below in the screen grab:
As you can see there are files present that are neither in the wiki list nor in the menu in Audacity: SoundFinder, SilenceMarker, rissetdrum, pluck, equalabel, clicktrack and beat.

Now, either those files are validly in the v1.3.14 build and the wiki is wrong, or they shouldn’t be in the v1.3.14 build and the wiki is right. And in anycase, those files are there and are not appearing in the drop-down under Effects on my system.

Something doesn’t add up!

There are three types of Nyquist effects.
Technically they are called Process, Analyze and Generate.
From a user perspective, “Process” effects appear in the “Effect” menu, “Analyze” in the “Analyze” menu, and I bet you can guess which menu the “Generate” type are listed in :wink:

GVerb, Hard Limiter and SC4 are “LADSPA” effects (note that they have a “Preview” button and no “Debug” button).

More about plug-ins here:

Thanks, Steve

Another mis-understanding eradicated! :blush: I thought I knew enough about sound for my purposes (AV soundtracks), but I’ve learned such a lot since joining the forum less than a week ago. This is a fantastic learning centre. :smiley:

You’re always welcome PGA. Glad you’re having fun. :wink: