How’s that wiki link at the top of the forum coming? I saved the link on my web site, so I don’t have to keep digging for it, but still…


It’s back there now, moved to the header - but better advertised as “Tips” and “Tutorials”


I like the font style and size–roughly half-way between the forum title and the subheading. I would lose the black color on “Tips” and “Tutorials”. They should remain underlined.

As an experiment tint the words yellow rather than pink. Say 191, 191, 0. Or maybe a paler version. The pink does start getting lost. The reds only contribute 30% to the brightness of a title. That’s why you rarely find red titles on TV shows. Yellows come in around 89% luminance. Very bright and cheerful.

If the rest of the titles are 255 white, try 255, 255, 60 and mess with the blue value until you get one you like.


Do you think this would be too much?

That looks OK.

I just noticed this. Do we follow the Chicago School of putting a comma between “answers” and “and” in the subheading?


Perhaps the person that wrote that is English.

The Guardian Guide to English Usage would be horrified at the idea of an additional comma between the “answers” and the “and” …

But I agree with Koz that Steve’s mockup looks much clearer then the present version on the Forum - it still leaves room for the “Audacity” to get a little more prominent by upping its typeface size a little, if required. The new text looks much better in the white and underlined IMHO, the eye is drawn to it much more. And I still don’t like the exclamation mark/point !