wiki link

Where has the link to the Audacity wiki gone?

And I note that the old header with the “Where you meet the Audacity Community” has made an umwelcome return - and we’ve lost the “Questions, answers and opinions”.

Also the breadcrumb trail has somewhat unconventional backward pointing chevrons - rather than forward pointing ones.


For some WEIRD reason (probably someone never mentioning to me they had edited a tempalte, or something like that…) the phpBB update I made today removed that.

In any case, remember the wiki site is just:


It would be good to have a link to the wiki back in the forum header again.
Apart from anything else, there’s a lot of existing posts that refer to it.

Yes, and I actually use it that way. Or used to.

Did any of these activities slow the forum down? I wanted to wait until I got to work and different connections to confirm this, but it takes longer for the forum to arrive than it used to. Is the forum bigger or maybe it loads more packages or something? Bigger graphics? More rounded fonts? More elegant blue?


I noticed a small slowdown, too. We don’t have many testing choices considering our hosting service, but I’ll see if at least I can narrow the problem down to the phpBB update itself, or a database issue, etc.

Please, bear with me with those issues until new year.

The forum does seem to have been slow today, and I have had a couple of “Database Errors”, but it seems much better this evening. I suspect it was to do with the server rather than the forum software update.

(Would still be good to get that wiki link back in the header as soon as possible).