Wiki issues

Guys I need a help here:

When editing a wiki I have the Star (*) to create an unordered list and multiple stars indicate a deeper level. So, I wonder how can a link from one place to a double star?


===Other Import/Exports===

  • See this link (this one I want to redirect to the item 3 below)

    == Playback Enhancements ==
  • “Play-at-speed” button/slider:
    ** bla bla bla 1
    ** bla bla bla 2
    ** bla bla bla 3

How is the wiki code to make this link works? (From * to **)?

Besides that, how do I add an image? I mean, in the help it just shows the name of the file.jpg, but if I want it from a external http address or from my HD? How is the code?

Any help on that? Thanks in advance