wierd playback noise

Hello Everyone! I’m a newcomer to the recording end of things. I just like to DJ as a hobby. So this is all new to me. Anyhow I’ve been trying to record a set from my DJ setup, into my computer with this program (audacity 1.3 beta. win 7 64bit version). At first my problem was mic levels being way too high no matter what i did. After consulting the several different people, I decided that the best and most economical solution was to purchase a USB interface which would basically give my laptop a dedicated line input. So I tried that today, and it seemed to work fairly good, BUT when i went to play it back, I noticed a weird noise on all the bass notes in the mix. I don’t really know the best way to describe it, it sounds like some kinda processing going on in the background, or some kinda interference. The rest sounds good. mid level and highs are clean, Just the low end is messed up. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS???

What recording equipment are you using? What the usb interface? What’s your DJ setup? How do you have it all connected?

If you can please upload a small sample of the noisy part. Export 5 seconds of the show to WAV or FLAC and you can upload it here (check the upload attachment tab under the text box when posting a reply. The file must be under 1MB in size.

I’m using The Audacity program, version 1.3 (beta), for windows 7 64 bit system, brand new hp laptop with beats audio. The interface is a Behringer UCA222 interface. My gear consists of two Santon C324 digital turntables, and stanton mixer. Everything is hooked together with some monster audio RCA chords.

Probably a good first step is make sure Windows isn’t trying to “help you.”

Windows Enhanced Sound