Why would Audacity not support 10.15?

Why can’t you just ask for microphone use but need to startup in terminal? And, can’t you just pass the [color=#FF0000]notarization[/color]? :question:

Apple added extra hoops for software developers to jump through during the 2.3.3 release cycle. Meeting those new requirements would have significantly delayed the release of 2.3.3. The Audacity team decided to release 2.3.3 anyway. Holding up the release would not benefit anyone, but would penalise the majority of our users that do not use macOS.

The next release of Audacity will be notarized, and should be properly supported by macOS (assuming that they don’t put up more hurdles for open source software before the next release).

Audacity is created, maintained and supported by a small team of volunteers. Development is never as fast as we would like it to be.