why there is no effects check box (list ) !!

audacity : serious question , why there is no effects check box (list ) like any other paid software! why it can not be in open source software ! that is not an order or demand it
just why?!
i know it is free and open source thanks but why?

why you just did not put a check box list for effects that u used for example , you used a EQeffect+reverb invert etc ! and you want to use them as same! on other voice track
or want to disable it customize it make it preset! … that is the powerful thing you can do to audacity ! for now , future and should did in past ,!

hope i get a logical answer!


Effects that have settable parameters have a Manage button - clicking ob this will show a dropdown menu.

You can use the Save Preset to save and name the current settings you have for that effect. You can create many different ones if you want/need.

You can subsequently use the User Presets to recall any of those user settings for the effect.

Some effects (and these include EQ and Reverb that you mention) also have factory presets to choose from

  1. for Reverb use the Manage button and then the Factory presets and you will be presented with a dropdown list
    See this page in the Manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/reverb.html

  2. for Equalization use the Select Curve button to access the factory presets - with EQ you can either use the Save/Manage curves button or the Manage > Save Preset to save user presets
    See this page in the Manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/equalization.html

The Factory presets for all effects always has an option to restore Defaults so you can revert to the original factory settings.


thanks waxcylinder, i know that but i was talking about effects box , all effects you use you can make them a preset! not every one alone ,

for example! you add more than 5 effects and you want to disable the first one without going back !
for what i mean and for example in mixcraft ,mixpad in a lot of softwares ! and all paid

that is why i said why it can not be in open source software !?


Audacity has “Chains” http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/chains_for_batch_processing_and_effects_automation.html
Is that what you mean?

Or perhaps you are referring to real-time effects, in which case, take a look at Ardour: https://ardour.org/

thanks steve, for mention ! “chain” ! it is good and saving time ! hope it was more dynamic like the example ! but better than nothing hope the future development focus on that ! because the questions still why can not be ?! and i read a topic " that there no real-time for effects even some have alive review !
-so hope all effects have alive review plus the check list box ! but i am not a developer and i am not the developer here! -
and like the real time effects , i tried Ardour too but did not focus on it , for now ,

Ah I see what you are driving at now …
A while back we did some experiments with an Effects Rack which I think was to do the job you describe - but the development was experimental only and never finished (and the developer for that no longer works on the project).


waxcylinder, done until we meet again in another topic !