Why Nabble?

Why do we have Nabble?

I posted a reply to a message on Nabble and Nabble “sort of” accepted my post, contingent upon my joining the mailing list. I don’t need to be on yet another mailing list and I don’t have time to muck around with a Nabble account. I “joined” the forum, or so I though, but my message wasn’t going through because I hadn’t gone through the extra step of joining the mailing list. Despite not being on the mailing list, every day for three weeks now I have received an email telling me that my pending Nabble message wasn’t going through due to not having subscribed to the mailing list (I said I don’t have time to muck around with a Nabble account). I have since learned that you can be on the mailing list and still shut of email delivery (making an oxymoron out of “mailing list”) and I am now going around in circles with all of the deferred Nabble account mucking. When all is done my post might appear on Nabble, or not.

We don’t “have nabble” - it’s a completely independent mailing list interface site that happens to have subscribed to some of the audacity mailing lists, which, since they are open to anyone to subscribe, we can’t stop them from doing so.

You need to be subscribed to the audacity-devel and audacity-users lists in order to post to them as a spam control mechanism, otherwise we get large amounts of junk sent down them. Audacity-help does not require a subscriptions so that people can ask one-off questions, but gets about 20% spam/virus messages amongst it’s 70+ a day items, so not many people actually subscribe to it unless they are prepared to put a significant amount of time into doing user support.

What the deal is with Nabble I’ve no idea because we don’t have any contact with them and I’ve never tried to use it - email seems to work quite well as a way of accessing email lists, and there are mailing list archives on Sourceforge. As far as I know none of the core development team check Nabble to any extent unless Sourceforge is down. Gmane for the audacity-devel list gets used a little more.