why my signature is not adding?

i have signed up, in the signature corner URL is allowed but after saving it show nothing and goes again blank,

this is my signature [commercial URLs removed]

its not showing…

The Audacity forum has a strict non-commercial policy. The URLs in your signature had nothing to do with Audacity or audio and were for commercial web sites. They have also been removed from your posting.

– Bill

That may also be read as "zero tolerance for spam.

We have no interest in “custom content writing services” or any other form of spam.


Can we leave signature after having a post here? I want to make good conversational post here and also put my signature. How long will it take to get a signature?


Comment spam is an increasing nuisance that is ruining forums for everyone. Signatures were previously allowed on this forum for all, but the amount of abuse of this privilege has left no option but to have a total ban on signatures for all except users that have a long standing history of making useful contributions to this help forum.

You are most welcome to make a good conversational post, providing that it is relevant to the forum. Topics about sportswear, wow gold, land surveying, big johnsons etc. will be deleted as they are irrelevant to this forum.

It is very likely that Profile links will also be subject to a blanket ban in the very near future for exactly the same reason as above.

I think that it is a shame that it has come to this, but it is yet again a case of the selfish inconsiderate few that spoil it for the majority. As this forum is primarily a help forum for Audacity users, the best that the moderators can do it to defend the rights of the majority by keeping the forum a spam free zone. We believe that the vast majority of out visitors enjoy the fact that not only do the receive prompt replies, relevant feedback and help with their questions, but they do not have to wade through pages of spam either.