Why My Recording Sounds Like Hoarse Male Voice

Since I updated to Window 10, I found out, every time when I record, the audacity recording always sounds like a hoarse male voice.
Even a kid records it, it still sounds like that. I want to know why. Could any one help me solve this problem. Thanks.

every time when I record,

Describe that in detail. Model numbers?


Thanks for reply. I tried it on version 2.0.6, and it sounds like a male voice, later I updated to 2.1.1, the newest one, it still sounds like that. I will see if I can upload to the website and share the link here, so you will have a better idea. It is normal before, but since I upgraded to window 10 or I recover the profile, then something strange likethis happen. I am a woman but the recording sounds like a man, my kid records it and it still sounds like a man. :unamused:

This is the link of my current recording. http://picosong.com/bUXW/

This is the link of my original sound: http://picosong.com/bUjd/

I don’t know what happened. Would love to find the solution. Thank you very much.

You missed my question. We have to build your system in our imagination. We need sentences like: I picked up my USB Logitech microphone model LG334…

Pretend I’m going to build your exact recording system. I’m starting with a checkbook…



Try recording with Window’s built-in sound recorder to see if the problem is specific to Audacity.

I suspect the pitch-shift problem is not specific to Audacity. You may need to update the audio-driver software for your computer , or run the existing audio-driver software in “compatibility mode” for your previous version of Windows , or maybe prevent Windows10 automatically updating drivers , and use the old driver software which worked properly on your machine.


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I recorded on windows sound record, it works normal. I don’t do anything specific, just speak to the computer directly while record on audacity. It used to work normal but now it sounds funny. Even I uninstall and installed Audacity, it still sounds strange.

Should I update the sound driver? I will try how to do so to see if it works. Thank you for your help.

Updated: I fixed this problem. I did everything you suggested, get updates and reset the rate etc, anyway,
I later found out, When I record as mono, this problem is there, when I change it to stereo, it works fine.
Thank you for your kind reply. I am glad I can keep enjoying Audacity now.