Why loud background noise when I play back recording?

Greets everyone,
I have a new mac book and I just downloaded 2.x. Everything is cool when I record my vinyl but when I play it back on my computer, there is tons of (white) noise in the background and the music sounds chippy/ distorted.

I am using an M-Audio box from my dj set up. But I didn’t put the M audio software onto my new mac. Yet on audacity (on my mac) for the line in and out it just says Fast Track Pro, which is the software that came with the M audio box. The audio host is Core Audio (should it be MME?)

This all worked fine on my old PC.

Why is there crazy background noise and distortion when I play back what I have recorded?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Disconnect all your external sound equipment and USB devices. Can you make a good, simple recording from your built-in microphone? The way Macs switch things around can be different from the Way Windows handles it.

On the Device toolbar drop-down, see if there is a listing for “Built-In Microphone” and record your voice. You may find you’ve been recording your microphone all along.


thanks…updates to follow