Why isn't Export Multiple in the Macros?

Just to save a step or two.

Because no-one has written the code to do that yet.

Could you be so kind, as to this as a new feature? And adding to this, Export Selected, to the Macros too? This impass is why I can’t batch process.

It’s already on the developer’s todo list.

Use the “Trim Audio” command to extract the part that you want, then export, then “Undo” to restore the trimmed audio.

Are there any news about the Macro for Export Multiple?
Will it be added soon or are there other ways/workarounds for macroing multiple export according to the labels?

Don’t hold your breath. There’s a long list of things on the developer’s To Do list.

There is a way, but it’s probably too difficult for most Audacity users.
It would be possible to write a “Nyquist Macro” that provides similar functionality as “Export Multiple”.

No Problem, you just have to put this issue on top of the list :wink:
Just kidding of course - Thanks for fast answer and perfect support as usual!

Good to know anywway…
maybe i’ll give Nyquist a closer look, as soon as i find the time

If you do, and if you get stuck, we have these two forum boards where you can ask questions (use whichever of the boards looks most relevant to your question):

I gave it a “nudge” today by adding it to my overview GitHub issue for Macros:
UX - Tweaks to macros #885

See Point no. 16


Thanks for adding this topic!
Since the multiple export function is a really powerful feature of Audacity, it would give even greater benefit, used as a macro.

best wishes!

You’re telling me :wink:

My primary use of Audacity back fifteen years or so was to digitize my extensive LP, 45 and tape collection (and then my wife’s collection) - so I spent five years or so using Export Multiple daily, often multiple times a day - a very useful tool indeed. :nerd:


Sounds like “fun” work.
So hopefully we don’t have to wait another 15 years, until it’s finally added… :wink:

I hope we don’t wait that long

There are alternative / workarounds for many jobs - it depends on exactly what the job is.

Now I use mp3DirectCut for that, but I used to use Audacity when I needed to split multiple audio files at silence.
I opened multiple instances of audacity for each audio file and labeled them at silence.
Then I got Autoit to invoke the “export multiple” in Audacity.
Is it what you want?
If so, I don’t have time for this, but ask somebody on Autoit forum for help. It should be pretty easy for them to write such a script.