Why is it so hard to have the offline standalone installation files of audacity?

I’m talking about simple installation files (not the source code). I’m using Linux Mint 17 and I was able to download audacity using the “software manager” and it runs perfectly. I really like this software so I wanted to have an offline copy of the installation files or an offline portable software so that I can install it easily without using the internet.

I found the source code and I tried to learn how to compile it but it seems that I need to install other software like wxWidget. I don’t have the time nor the experience to it.

I was looking for a pre-compiled version of Audacity for Linux. I tried to follow this link because it’s on the official website but I saw many many files and I don’t know which one to choose. No description or anything.
Link: http://www.rpmseek.com/rpm-pl/audacity.html?hl=com&cs=audacity

Would you provide me with a link to download an offline and easy-to-install file or portable version of Audacity?

Unless you consider yourself to be an “advanced Linux user”, it is recommended that you install software only from the official repositories. This provides a layer of safety for Linux users because their software has been approved by the distribution maintainers. One of the reason why Windows users are so vulnerable to malware is that they frequently install software from sources that should not be trusted.

Building Audacity from the source code is not difficult on Debian based Linux, and we can help you do that if you are interested, otherwise I would strongly recommend that you stick with official releases supplied by your Linux distribution.