why in all god's good creation can't I find mmy files

intentional typos.
I had just booted up my first time with audacity on my Mom’s imac, , ,10.4.11, and had been testing my new samson c01u mic out for a while, was recording some things some,
when my maiden recording session tanked.
I got th’ message about temporary files, but couldn’t find any temp. folder, or .au file extensions, despite enabling hidden files which turned my butrger-flippin’ icons all pale like bad mushrooms in one of those post/alter modern mario games.

I looked into preferencials inn oh, sorryyy … … in audacity… . … … … …
…i. I … …
I foundf a directory reading thusly :
oh, wait, audacity’s gone,
well I’m tired and the opium I just made actually seems to sedate when taken orally,
i ipologize if this is incoherent, inadherent, or Lacking cCapital Lletters.
grammar to me is a tool , not a rule. nice mnemonic.
could the crash log help me some ? ? ( please, hear my petition, for I am greatly aggreicvcced To-day. ).
ugh my literal, physical and romantic heart aches.
Do i stand a chance of recovery ?
Like, If I got th’ insiders of th’ industry an’ th’ NSA, an’ then i somehow procured like, David Rockefeller’s personal techie.

What version of Audacity were you using? Did you install it, (drag the contents of the disk image to a folder in your Applications folder) or try to run it from the disk image?

If you were running 1.2.5, I recommend trying 1.3.12 - it works better on system 10.4 onwards, and has better crash recovery.

– Bill