why file not found when I am looking at the file

In my Audacity memory I have a saved song, which I apparently moved to my desktop or in a folder. But I am trying to open it now and it says “file not found”, when I can see the data file sitting right next to it on the desktop. All other recordings that I did similar things with are opening with no problems.

I apparently moved to my desktop or in a folder.

So the Project wasn’t in the folder with all your other work? What’s the possibility you renamed it? Open the AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything) and read the first few lines. You’re looking for text that says projname=". Whatever follows that text is the filename of your show followed by _data.

If the names are OK, can you move the AUP file and _DATA folder to where they’re supposed to be?

It doesn’t say which Audacity number you have. I’m using Audacity 2.1.2.


Did you put a date in the filename?


I am finding a e00 file and within it a d00 file. Is that the AUP that you speak of. You can see I don’t know anything about this.When I open the d00 there are about a 100 mini clips of the song…

okay. a block pops up now that says the project is missing 140 .au blockfiles. probably due to a bug system crash or accidental deletion. It says i can choose between to close program or treat missing audio as silence 1 time, and that if I choose either of these things I can try to find and restore missing files.
How in the world would I go about finding misplaced audio ? Especially if it was a system crash?

Yes. I put “Shadow 2-11 FINAL” as the name of the file. It worked at some point.

You may have a fried show.

This is an Audacity Project.

You have to have both parts for a Project to open. Double click the AUP file and its computer programming opens up the _DATA folder and tells Audacity what to do with all those little au files. You shouldn’t be inside the _DATA folder at all.

If you had a computer problem and the AUP file is missing, and you have other damage, that may be the end of that part of the show. It doesn’t have to be a computer failure, either. If you save a Project and then close the laptop lid before the show gets done saving, you can get damage like this.


Use the Windows search system to look for Shadow 2-11 FINAL.aup.

If this is a Project after editing and final production, then you can’t put it back together without the AUP file. Did you make any intermediate, uniquely-named Projects in the process? Do you have all the original files and materials so you can build it again?


Open View > Show Log… top right of Audacity. It will show you the names of the missing AU files. Search your computer for some of those AU files, then when you find where they are, put all 140 back in the Shadow 2-11 FINAL_data folder, in the correct subfolder that the Log says.

If the Shadow 2-11 FINAL_data folder is now completely empty and there are 140 missing AU files, then all the AU files when found should go in the subfolder Shadow 2-11 FINAL_data\e00\d00.