Why doesn't the program save my Recording Volume?

There’s a slider for Recording Volume near the top right side of the screen:

but if I change it and then close the program, the next time I open, it resets to max. Any idea how to fix this? I couldn’t find an option in Preferences.

Oh, it seems like that slider bar has no effect on the recording volume anyway.

That’s usually the case with a USB device. If you want to adjust the recording level, you have to adjust the analog level before it’s digitized.

Low levels aren’t generally a problem because you can use the Amplify effect after recording.

But if the signal is too hot and you are clipping (distorting) the analog-to-digital converter, lowering the volume later doesn’t remove the distortion.

Okay, so I have to manually control it through windows then. I was just hoping that the volume slider would take care of it so I don’t have to manually adjust it every time I load the program. No biggie.
Thanks for the reply!

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