Why does the Zero point appear outside the window?

I haver stopped playback. My cursor is now at the beginning. I zoom in and the 0 point, the beginning of the audio is to the left and outside the window. How can I zoom and have that point remain inside the editing window?

Do you mean on second and subsequent tracks?
Are you “overdubbing”? “Latency compensation” pushes the second and subsequent tracks a little to the left so that they line up correctly with the first track (accounting for latency). The track may be moved using the Time Shift tool.
If that does not answer your question, please tell us what you are trying to do.

No overdubbing. It is simple stereo, aligned from the import. Playback has been stopped so I assume the cursor has gone back to the head of the track. I zoomed in wanting to see the head for editing and it went left of the window. Thanks in advance.

Imported files are aligned to start at time = 0.0.
If that appears to not be happening, please post a screenshot to show what is happening.

When you press Stop the playhead cursor returns to the cursor position from where playing started. So if play started at T=0 then indeed the playhead will return to the beginning.

If T=0 is where you want to be after zooming just click on the Skip to start button in the Transport Toolbar, or press the Home key.

Zooming does have some odd behaviours sometimes, particularly if you use the Zoom Normal command (shortcut Cmd+2). We have had a longish discussion about this in the Feature Requests section of this forum and would hope to get around to addressing it in a later release. But by and large zooming tries to keep the same point in the centre after zooming as it was before the zoom - so zooming in will often move T=0 out of the visible waveform pane.

See this thread for the discussion on zooming: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/zoom-normal-cmd-2-cursor-position/40225/1

Top tip: If you want the playhead to stay just where it is when you press Stop and move the cursor to that position (just like a tape-deck) then just press Shift+A (personally I found that compound gesture awkward so I reassigned the shortcut to be KEYPAD_INS