Why does the whole file not get exported?

Im trying to export an interview to MP3-format but Audacity only export 42 seconds of the 51 minute long interview? Can you help me - I cant figured this out?

Best regards

Does the full 51 minute recording play correctly?
How exactly are you exporting it and what location are you exporting it to?

yes it plays perfectly. I choose export the selected but have also tried only export and Im exporting the file into my USB and select the MP3-format

“Export Selected” will export only the selected (highlighted) part of the project.
Try using the normal Export command and export to your hard drive If successful, copy or move the exported file to the USB stick.

Hi Steve. Problem solved. Audacity exported the whole file when a placed the file at the desktop. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The only explanation I can see for that is that your USB drive is full or corrupted. Audacity will export a shortened file if there is not enough space, whatever the type of drive.

Have you tried right-click over the drive in Explorer > Properties: General tab then enabling “Compress this drive to save disk space”?