Why does my voice sounds so strange


my real voice is really different

I can’t listen right this second, but we’re going to ask you this anyway: How did you record it? Which microphone? How is it connected? Which computer? Laptop? Is this the first time it’s done this?

Is it Skype connection, or do you have Skype running in the background?


Using my phone, AUX 3MM not CHEAP microphone,

The video is removed from YouTube so no knowing…

My first question would be, do others think your voice is different? You hear your own voice through your skull bone which is quite different from hearing it through the air like when you listen to a recording.


You can create a 20 second mono voice test and post it here on the forum.



Everybody hates their own voice until they get used to it.

If you mean recording your voice on your phone? There are tricks to make sure you don’t go through all the environment processing and echo cancellation. iPhones have VoiceMemo and MusicMemo Apps. VoiceMemo sounds like a cellphone. Near as I can tell, MusicMemo has no processing.