Why does it hurt so much to listen to this and how to fix it?

Hey guys,

sadly I have a bad mic (I think) and so my voice is really “weird” when recorded. I don’t know how you call this… This high “s” noise just hurts in my ears.
Please listen to my attachment and tell me what effects I could use to fix this.
I tried every effect, but probably had bad settings. Maybe I can fix this with the right EQ settings?

Thank you in advance!

hurtingsound.aup (3.43 KB)

You may have multiple problems.

The AUP is a project management text file. It’s not sound.

The recorded volume is too low. You should be able to perform so that the blue waves occasionally peak up to the half-way mark and the bouncing sound meter just starts to turn yellow.

You have sibilance “essing”, but that may not be the only problem. I think I hear some voice processing or other sound effects.

See if you can record louder and then post a WAV sound test like this.


Read down the blue links. They’re really short.

Which microphone do you have and how is it connected to the computer?


Rather than a bad mic it sounds like noise/echo reduction has been applied which makes it sound weird.
You should check to see if Windows is applying any audio “enhancements” and turn them off,
see … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxnUjiGgBaI (look in the recording tab, rather than playback tab)

A quick & dirty treatment is a notch filter to remove most of the painful whistly sibilance …

Notch filter, suggested settings.png

We really need a clear voice test with a lot of different words in it. If you’re in mono (one blue wave) you can go to 20 seconds. You don’t have to stop at 10.

If your microphone volume is cranked up as far as it can go, you can get louder without mouth and lip distortion by using oblique positioning (B).

Explicit nose.png