Why does Equalization effect change track pattern?


I play with Equalization effect of 2.3.2 version on Windows 10, and find it changes track pattern. Not sure why and how to avoid it. “Base & Treble” effect does not have this issue. After “Base & Treble” is applied, the track patter is not changed. Your input would be appreciated.

Here are the details:

Screenshot below is the track pattern I want to keep:
Below is the Equalization applied to the above track:
Track pattern is changed in screenshot below (inside the red square) after the above Equalization is applied.
“Base & Treble” effect does not have this issue. If the below “Base & Treble” is applied to the trace above, track pattern will remain unchanged:
Not sure why Equalization effect changes the track pattern, and how to avoid?

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“Base & Treble” effect does not have this issue.

It does, but the effect is broader and sloppier and harder to see. On the right is Treble boosted.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 12.17.48.png
Also you tuned the equalizer to boost certain tones by 6dB. If your performance has those tones, you just doubled them.

Your settings for Treble and Bass are to boost both by 3dB. That has the same effects as turning up the overall volume slightly.


Thanks for the information.

Actually, the problem is Equalization effect removes previous edits made by the Envelope Tool. That’s why after apply Equalization, track patterns are changed (to the one before Envelope edit). Please see screenshots below for details:

This is the track with Envelope edit shown in the white areas. Equalization or Base & Treble effect will be applied to this track below:
After apply Equalization effect, Envelope edit is removed so the track pattern is changed to the one before Envelope edit and the white areas are gone too:
Base & Treble effect with Base=0dB and Treble=6dB to make it close to Equalization change above:
After apply this Base & Treble effect, track patterns are unchanged as Envelope edits are not removed so the white areas remain:
Why Equalization effect remove previous Envelope edits but Base & Treble do not?

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Our envelope tool has problems. If you want to apply an envelope correction “forever” then Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render afterwards.

Then your work turns into a regular, normal track with the corrections burned in.


Thanks for the information. It helps. Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render works. It can burn Envelope edits in a new track.

A side question if you don’t mind… what does Base & Treble effect with Base=0dB & Treble=6dB look like in Equalization curve? Is it close to the screenshot below? In other words, which frequency range does Treble (in Base & Treble effect) boost up.


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Tone controls are intended to work like the two knobs on the front of your home music system. They’re intentionally sloppy.

This is a “flat” representation of white noise (all frequencies).

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 19.47.33.png
This is the same sound with Treble cranked up 6dB.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 19.48.13.png

Is this where we ask you what your job is? Your equalizer settings don’t seem to do any job I’ve ever seen before.


Thanks for the information.

Based on your screenshot, it seems Treble in Base & Treble effect boosts frequency from 1 KHz and up. I’m trying to create MVs with sax solos. By playing with different settings, it looks like Treble=6-8dB will make sax sound brighter. By using Equalization instead of Base & Treble, I hope I only boost 1 KHz - 3KHz, and not to boost high frequency beyond 3 KHz. Otherwise, it may sound like it has some noise.


By the way, below is one of the MVs. Any suggestions for the sax sound?