Why do I have different editing abilities (power of precision) from file to file


I edit files that have always been recorded with the same tool, but my power to edit the content with precision varies and I wonder where this seemingly random and frustrating limitation comes from.

I am sometimes able to edit with absolute precision, which is to say I can mark and cut down to the dot, if I want one more or less dot included, I can do it easily.

However, in the file I’m currently editing this option is not there for me. There seems to be a limitation of the precision and when I edit it forces a larger area to be marked no matter what.

This is very frustrating as editing down to the dot removes pops and gives smooth audio quality, while this “error”/limitation makes this very difficult.

Is there any way to fix this?

Ensure that “Snap” (or “Snap To”, depending on the Audacity version) is “off” (disabled).

Thank you so much! This works.

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