Why do I get new data files created?

Audacity 2.3.0, OS X 10.13.6

I am new to Audacity so forgive my ignorance Please.

I am trying to make a working file for the side of a record I captured. Sometimes I find data files in a folder called “d1e” and sometimes also in a folder called “d1f.” When there are two folders there is twice as much data but playback and display seems the same in Audacity. Why the extra folder (and data) since it doubles the amount of disk space used? I have tried to check “history” but it claims there is nothing to “undo.”

An Audacity project has two main parts a file called .aup and a folder called . The live in a common folder and should not be moved.
The .aup file is the project manager effecttively and tells aAduadacity how to thread together all the little audio files in the subfolders on the folder.

You should never be opening and messing around in the folder - you open the project by opening the .aup file.

See this page in the manual for more detail: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_projects.html