Why do i get echo when i play back my recording?

Im trying to stream a techno mix from Radio one online.

but when i record it i can hear the music playing twice. Once from Radio One and once through my own PC. When i turn down my master volume then nothing records at all, and when turn down either input or output on Audacity then nothing records then either.

If i turn down the volume of Radio One online then obviously nothing records then either.

Its like… Audacity is playing the music im streaming at the same time as im recording it. Therefore im getting two recordings pressed into one final recording.

whats going on and how can i resolve it?

hope somoene can help.


Let me rearrange the words a little. You’re trying to capture a Radio One streaming performance. You aren’t trying to push a stream onto the internet.

Windows machines will echo if both the raw stream and the computer output (Mix Out) are turned up at the same time. There is one computer worth of delay between them which, depending on the computer, can be significant.

There is a posted wiki about how to run the Windows Sound Controls.