Why did all of my music files compress on Audacity 3.2.5?

I downloaded the latest version of Audacity (3.2.5) and when I loaded a large file of songs with gaps and song-titled labels, all of the gaps were gone and the song titles were bunched up accordingly. Is there something in the settings that I must change? Also, the recording and playback methods bar has disappeared. Help? I’m not too knowledgable about Audacity.

When you say “recording and playback methods bar has disappeared”, Do you mean de devices tool bar?

Yes. In the previous version, when I recorded music there was a choice that had to be made for the devices used for the recording and also, for playback. My main question, though, is what happened with the compressing of my music files. I had all of the songs separated and labeled with the titles. Now, there is no space between songs. How will this affect the files when they are exported?

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