Why can't I record Sounds from my PC?

OK… I give up…
I read some topics with simulair issues and I watched some very helpfull tutorials on YouTube…
But it does not solve my problem…
I need to record live stream radioconversations but I for some reason that does not work.

Many tutorials claim ve to select MME as an audio host, but in that manner I have no options in selecting an input channel.
Other topics and tutorials claim I need to use the Windows WASAPI option. I can select some audio devices (but they are output… :unamused:. Is that correct?)

Though no one mentioned the Windows WDM-KS option, it is possible to select the Stereomix, witch is mentid in the MME option.

I have (not sure about that one…) W10 and I’m using 2.0.4 release.

Eventually, I will use the line in with some externall mixing devices. But that is after obtaining certain audiofiles from the Internet.

Eric the Talking Head

The “WASAPI loopback” method is the way to go.

Say you have a device called “soundsFantastic” and it has an input and an output; the input being “soundsFantastic Mic In” and the output being “soundsFantastic Speaker Out”.
When you play sounds on this system, the sound will play through “soundsFantastic Speaker Out”.
If you select “soundsFantastic Mic In”, then you will be recording from your microphone, which is not what you want.

The solution available with WASAPI is that there is an additional input: “soundsFantastic Speaker Out (loopback)”.
“loopback” is the important thing here - it creates a loop from the output of the “soundsFantastic” device to the input of the “soundsFantastic” device. When you record from this loopback, the sound you are recording is the sound from the “soundsFantastic Speaker Out”.

Of course I’m using a fictional name for the audio device, but that’s the general principle.

The manual describes how to do this in more detail: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html

An important detail: The sample rate set in the Windows Sound Control Panel for the device, should match the “Project Rate” that you are using in Audacity. By default (and generally recommended), the project rate is 44100. The Project Rate is shown in the bottom left corner of the main Audacity window.

Thanks Steve, for your clear explanation of the Soundcard features, even though they’re fictionall. :slight_smile:

Your “important detail” might be my issue.
When using the Wasapi option, I get error messages which contain phrases you mentioned.
(I’m on a other system at work so I cannot check the message)

I’ll look into it and keep you informed on my progresses.

Thanks Steve, this worked for me too … I had rec set to Mono, tried REC and got error, changed to Stereo and it worked!! awesome…

Yup! that Stereo thingy worked for me too.
I Need to get in somewhat more, but first steps are taken!

Thanks You Guys!