Why can't I hear the music?

I imported a piece of music to use as an into for training. It was really loud so I tried to adjust the volume on the top toolbar where this is the little volume icon. It was all the way to the right. When I moved it to the left the volume didn’t decrease it just disappeared. When I put it back all the way to the right, it still doesn’t have sound. When I exited Audacity, reopened and tried again - still no sound.

Please help! I’m a newbie.


Well at least I’ve discovered that when I touch that button, it mutes my computer. So how am I supposed to adjust the volume of something I record? On the bars to the left of the music track?

No idea, must be a bug…

Have a look at these tutorials, they will show you step by step how to do things: http://audacityteam.org/manual-1.2/tutorials.html