???Why cant I get my labelled album to Media Player??

I have labelled my tracks, ‘exported multiple’ to My Music, but I do not find this album in my Media Player. Where is it??
If I go to edit>open in windows media player I can open one track at a time to my playlist, and I can open the whole album as a single track to my playlist, but I want to save this album; as seperate tracks, to my Media Player library!
The old version of Audacity that I had years ago was so simple; ‘export multiple’ would shoot it right there.
Whats up with this? How do I get my labelled and saved projects to Windows Media Player??

Windows Media Player does not support Audacity labels (and never has).
“Export Multiple” allows you to export a labelled track as multiple files. If you look in the location where you exported you should see those multiple files. Can you see them?

I dont think you are following me here, when I say “labelled” I simply mean marked each track from a vinyl that I’ve recorded.
Windows Media Player doesnt need to ‘support’ Audacity, I just want to send my audacity wav projects there! To my music library!

And yes, I can see them as I said when I open file from ‘edit’! but I want to include them in my media player library, and dont tell me that windows does not support audacity cause I know that audacity projects can be sent to my media library! Jeezus!

What is stopping you doing that? What version of Windows are you using? Maybe it’s Windows that has changed.

Find out where your Windows Media Player Library is and export there. In recent Windows, you can choose “Libraries”. The “Music” Library in there should be your Windows Media Player library. If you are doing Export Multiple, press the “Choose…” button, click the little arrow by “Libraries” then select any folders that are part of “Music” and click OK. If you don’t have a suitable folder ready, select the folder in which you want to create a new folder then click “Make New Folder”, type the new folder’s name, then OK.


PS If you think we’re dense, no-one here has used Windows Media Player for years. Far too complicated and unintuitive , and changes substantially with every new version of Windows. It was decent software when XP first came out.

sorry, dont think you all are dense! just a little frustrated with the new op sys.
I use windows media player because it works, and that is where all my music is…are you suggesting that I should like spend more time, or money, on some other music library??

Yes WMP updates are confusing. And it’s a nuisance if you have all your files in Media Player already.

The point is though, unless you tell us what version of Windows you are on, and exactly what the problem is step by step (attaching some images would be good - see https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1 ) then we just can’t help.

If you are using Windows 7 and Export Multiple, I’ve already given you step by step help.

Probably not money. And not necessarily a lot of time - most media programs when first installed will scan for media files and add those files to their library, or have a way of adding folders to their library.

iTunes is the nearest program that is something like Media Player in trying to be an all-in-one very polished media suite, showing you the album art and the lyrics, playing videos and so on, but it doesn’t support WMA files (it converts them to MP3).

VLC is somewhat similar ( http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html ), but looks rather bare bones compared to WMP and iTunes. It plays just about any type of file. It has a media library at View > Playlist.