Why can't I change the pitch to desired level?

I changed the speed of my audio track to 0.65 (-35%), and I’ve also changed my pitch from C6 to A6 as can be seen in the first screenshot. I’m happy with the result. However, I cannot recreate this same pitch. I’ve used the same audio file and changed the speed to match the original audio track, but no matter how I try to change the pitch, it just won’t return to the original pitch. I’ve found that whenever I change the pitch to something, it would change to something completely different despite my inputs. For example, I would set C6 1043 to A6 1803 in the change pitch box, and after clicking ok and opening the change pitch box again, I would find the pitch range to be completely differeng - eg. D to C. Am I doing something wrong or is Audacity just an incredibly bad software? This problem is driving me crazy, and I’m beginning to feel like Audacity is a terrible software! No decent software should have this many bugs and design flaws.

I am using Win 10, Audacity 3.1.3. Sorry for the angry rant before, I was pretty frustrated.

When you shift the pitch, it is a relative shift rather than an absolute shift. For example, if you raise the pitch by one octave, then you are not just changing A4 → A5, you are also changing A#4 → A#5, B4 → B5, C5 → C6, C#5 → C#6 … All notes are raised by the same ratio (in this example, the ratio is x2, or 100% higher).

The helpful number here is the speed multiplier (0.65). That will shift a 1000 Hz tone to 650 Hz (1000 x 0.65 = 650).
If you want to shift the pitch back to the original pitch, then you can enter the frequencies “from: 650 to: 1000” into the Change Pitch effect. That works out as a 53.846% change:

The maths:
percent-change = ((target-hz/original-hz) - 1) * 100
((1000 / 650) -1 ) * 100 = 53.846153846
and we can check that is correct:
53.846153846% higher than 650 is: 650 + ((53.846153846/100) * 650) = 999.999999999

Note that if you want to change the speed without changing the pitch, you can simply use the Change Tempo effect (see: Change Tempo - Audacity Manual)

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation! I’ve changed the pitch based on your suggestions and it now works as expected. I still have a lot to learn about Audacity, thank you again for your help!