Why can I not save projects or open new ones?

I installed 3.3.2 because I could not save my project as MP3’s using the last version. It would crash every time I tried to export the MP3 or save the project. Now with the new version, I can’t even open or import either. It crashes as soon as I select OPEN. I am running W10 and have an Intel I9 11900 CPU with 32GB of RAM and 20+TB of disk storage so I don’t think it is a resource issue. I only use Audacity occasionally, but it worked fine the last time I used it quite awhile back. HELP???

Different formats can have different issues.

Can you open a WAV file? WAV files are the most simple and the most foolproof, except there is a 4GB size limit.

Exporting an MP3 should never be a problem… The LAME MP3 encoder has been built-into Audacity for many years and it’s very reliable. And you should be able to open or import an MP3 that was made with Audacity.

There are a lot of “imperfect” MP3s out there and Audacity seems to be more picky than most software. Usually you can convert it to WAV with a 3rd-party converter and then you can open the WAV.

Audacity AUP3 project files require an NTFS drive. Your 2TB drive should be OK as long as it’s “local drive” on your computer.

You can temporarily copy project files to/from a FAT drive but they can’t be opened or saved directly to a FAT drive.

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