Why are my tracks split into a bunch of short clips?

I recorded the instrumentals for a song back in 2020 using Audacity 3.0.3. There were two tracks: guitar and piano.

Sadly, it looks like I didn’t save it as an Audacity project, so there is just an mp3 with both meshed together.

However, there are 2 folders that each say “Data” on them, and in these folders are a bunch of 1-second clips of the piano and guitar, played separately as originally recorded. I just have no idea how to paste all these tiny files into their original sequence so I can save as one guitar track and one piano track.

The newer versions make a AUP3 file that’s “self-contained”.

Apparently, you have the old AUP format which was an AUP file, plus a folder with data files. There is some information [u]here[/u].

With either format, it’s always a good idea to save separate WAV files. :wink: And then if it’s super-critical irreplaceable recording, make back-ups of the original files. In some many you may not need an AUP or AUP3 project… You might just want the separate files and then a “final mix” in WAV or MP3, etc.