why are labels deleted

Why are my point labels deleted when I select audio that abuts a point label and then delete the audio?

This doesn’t happen when abutting range labels and it didn’t happen in earlier Beta versions of Audacity.



“Windows XP SP3”, “Audacity 2.0.0 rc1” I presume?

Do you have Sync-Lock enabled?

If you mean with Sync-Lock off, the behaviour that I’m seeing is that the labels are deleted if the label track is selected, but not deleted if only the audio track is selected.

There is ongoing discussion whether a selection in a label track that goes up to a point label should include that point label, not include the point label, or if there should be a preference setting to decide whether it is included or not.

Sorry Steve, this is just a test psoting to seed this forum - I thought you might recognize this from following the devel email threads.

This issue has been much discussed on the Wiki in one of the proposals - to resolve the two conflicting required behaviours I proposed a new Prerences setting (Gale would prefer behaviour to toggle based on the sync-lock state).

There is apparently a recent patch by Benjamin Drung which will fix this - but it didn’t make it into the 2.0.0 cut as it made a small change to the GUI (as Benjamin’s patch introduces the new preference).


That’s ok. Consider my reply as a test reply :wink:

so do you think this will get fixed after 2.0 is released ?