Why are all my mp3s i-tunes files?

I am a Mac user, new to Audacity–and new to home recording in general.
I am trying to export mp3s to clients that they can then open in other apps, work on, edit, etc…

Every time I export an mp3 it automatically becomes an i-tunes file. Is there any way to NOT do that?

I guess another way to put it is: will my clients be able to open, edit and do on work mp3s that are i-tune files?
Thanks, everyone, in advance for any help with this.

Right-Click (or Control+Click) one of the files > Get INFO.

Somewhere down near the bottom of all that should be an Open With: setting.

You can choose any app you like. I use Audacity.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 18.42.35.png
And no, it’s not an iTunes file. I’m guessing you have filename extensions hidden. I think that’s a terrible idea.

Desktop > Finder > Preferences: [X] Show All Filename Extensions.

Your file should turn into SomeMusic.mp3. and yes, it will open almost everywhere.

If it doesn’t do that, then there may be something else going on.