Why am I thrown back to the board index after login?

Whenever I am in a sub-sub-sub-forum and I click “Login” then after entering my name and password I am thrown back to the board index page, so I have to navigate to the thread in the sub-sub-sub-forum again from the beginning. Is there a way how I can change this? I want to stay at the same page where I have logged in.


  • edgar

I’m usually set to auto-log-in on my home computer, but off the top of my head, do you have cookies enabled in your web browser?

Yes, I have cookies enabled, but it doesn’t seem to help much here.

OK, I’ve had a look now,
When you’re not logged in the forum does not track which page you are on. You are a special user called “anonymous” (special like all other guests), so the forum does not know which page you were on. The easy workaround is to log in, then use your browser “back” feature to go back two pages, then refresh and you will be logged in on the original page. (I don’t see any easy server side solution).

Thanks, just tried and it works.

In the German Audacity forum this works automatically since ever, but AFAIK Fuchsi uses a different server software than phpBB.

Yes, the German board is using UNB
How does it compare?

First of all an observation that may help. If I click the POSTREPLY button as a guest, then after entering my name and password I am not thrown back. After my post was inserted in the correct thread I’m still at the page where I have clickd POSTREPLY as guest. Only if I click “Login” then I’m thrown back to the board index page.

I’m afraid that compairing phpBB against UNB is the same kind of unfair like trying to compare Audacity against a commercial audio editor because UNB is for free, but has a commercial background.

To me phpBB often feels like the kindergarden version of UNB. Especially the BBCode text forrmatting capabilities of UNB are by far easier and more well-thought than in phpBB, for example:

Unordered list with BBCode using phpBB:


The same unordered list with BBCode using UNB:

* item1
* item2
* item3

Nested lists with BBCode using UNB:

* level1
** level2
*** level3

But like everything in life UNB also has disadvantages. The rest of this post I only can parrot what Fuchsi tells me:

With UNB you get much more comfort for free, but as soon as you need to find a bug yourself you’re often doomed, because there is no such thing like a real community support. If you post a phpBB problem to a public forum or mailing list the chance that somebody can help you is much higher than with UNB, where you must either wait until Yves Goergen (main developer of UNB) has time to look after it, or try to fix it yourself with the risk to introduce incompatible bugs that can turn into real problems with the next board upgrade.

Or in one sentence: UNB is much more professional software than phpBB, but you’re doomed to depend on the manufacturer’s support, what can turn into a disadvantage if you have real problems (that were fortunately rather seldom with UNB in the German forum during the last eight years).

  • edgar