Who reorganized the forum?

I just discovered this podcasting sub-forum today and the one for “Audiobook Authors.”

I appreciate the recognition of special interest groups for spoken word!

But perhaps these two might be combined? I think we might be inquiring about the same technical problems and a single go-to would be useful.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
Obviously it is early days yet for these new sections to the forum, so we can modify them later if we wish to. It is much easier to merge forum boards than to split them, so I think I’d prefer to keep the two separate for now, but we can see how they go and the option of merging them at a later date is always available.

May I suggest you call it “Audiobook Producers” rather than “Authors.”

Sounds reasonable to me.
Any other opinions on this?

Oops, asked that in the wrong subforum!

Is there a way we users can cross post in more than one relevant forum without just duplicating?

Depends what it is that you want to post, but in some cases it may be appropriate to post a brief summary and a link to the topic in the other forum.