White vertical bar at 0.5 to - 0.5 when recording

Hi, sorry, not sure which version I’m on, a good friend that is more techy than me installed it for me & I’d like to see if I can resolve this issue without dragging him in again.
Am very new to Audacity and not very IT savvy, Audacity was working fine for me until my cat ran across my keyboard while I was recording!
I now have a white vertical bar from 0.5 to - 0.5 when recording.
Does this affect the recording, I fear clipping? & how can I revert it back to it’s original state?
Any help would be much appreciated,

Ok, problem solved, it was more a light blue bar & once I searched for that I found the answer, click ‘D’ to return to normal.

Was it like this:

If so, then that’s when the “Multi-Tool” is selected. (More info here: Multi-Tool - Audacity Manual)
As you’ve discovered, you can use the “D” key to cycle through the tools. Alternatively you can use the “A” key to cycle through the tools in reverse, or the “F1” to “F6” keys to select a specific tool. (See: Tools Toolbar - Audacity Manual)

Glad you resolved the problem - I didn’t initially recognise what you were describing or I would have replied sooner.