White noise recording from speech-only cassettes

I’m new to this, working on preserving some old cassettes of my father teaching acting classes. The volume on the tapes is low, but when played on a cassette player perfectly audible. However when run through a Behringer UFO202 the speech is almost completely drowned out by white noise. I can’t reduce the recording volume much, then nothing at all comes through. Noise reduction hasn’t helped, as the white noise much louder than the speech (though again, this is not true when the cassettes are just played on a cassette player).

Windows 10 (I believe drivers are up to date)
Audacity 2.1.2 (from installer)

I’d really appreciate any help!

Make sure you are connecting the UFO to the computer with the USB cable, not red and white UFO outputs to the mic port of the computer. Set the UFO to Line Input, not phono.