White noise overriding lo levels of recording/playback audio

Help! I have been converting my vinyl records on the turntable from the Audacity 1.2.6 program since 2011, and have never had the problem of white noise coupled with hardly discernable audio levels for recording/playback that cannot be changed to normal hearing levels despite altering the microphone property levels. It happened recently when I went to record, and I cannot find out why. I checked online, and upgraded my version to the latest one, but still the same result. My PC is Windows 7. Anyone had this problem? Joy

That sounds like some sort of hardware problem. What hardware are you using? How are you connected to the computer?

Do you have something else to plug into the turntable to make sure it’s putting-out a good analog signal?

If it’s a USB turntable try changing the USB cable and fitting it tightly both ends. Also make sure the headshell of the cartridge is tight.