White noise issues

There is white noise always, the white noise doesn’t stop when I pause the audio in Audacity. It stops after 8-10 seconds. Using noise reduction didn’t help. I use a Maono AU A-04 Condenser Microphone to record. I think it is not the problem of the microphone because the white noise doesn’t stop when I stop the audio in audacity. Also, the white noise starts when I start the audio in audacity.
Please help!

It stops after 8-10 seconds.

That could be Windows auto noise reduction or processing.

First, Shift-Shutdown, Wait and then Start. Not regular Shutdown or regular Restart. This one is more thorough and resets more things.

If the noise still happens, go into Windows settings and see if there is a setting or Windows filter being applied to your playback. I had a machine which did something like this.

Right-click the speaker icon, lower-right > Playback Devices or Sound.

Audacity doesn’t make noise when it’s stopped, and it doesn’t turn noise on and off to a time.