"White noise" effect on recording

If you’re looking to create ghostly-whispering EVP-effect , Audacity’s “Paul Stretch” does a good job.

Thanks. Those are certainly interesting effects.

But I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear so I’ll try again.

When I use the laptop microphone with the noise cancellation setting turned on and record “silence” the result is the “running water” sounds that we heard in the clip I uploaded. That sound is apparently caused by the noise cancellation filter used by Windows.

When I record “silence” with all the windows enhancements and noise cancellation turned off the result is what you called the “analogue-hiss” sound. Presumably this is close to a raw recording.

So my question to you is, and I realize that you would be guessing, based on your experience, what Audacity filter(s) do you think I need to apply to the “analogue-hiss” to make it sound like the “running water”? i.e. what is the equivalent filter(s) in Audacity to the filter used by Windows? I am not interested in the EVP-effect, just in emulating the windows filter to produce the same “running water” sound.

Thanks for your patience. I am new to this world of sound.

Then you want Audacity’s "noise removal", which is in the Audacity Effect menu.

Unlike all other effects, Audacity’s “noise removal” is a two stage process …
There are several YouTube tutorials on Audacity’s “noise removal” , e.g.