White band on waveform

Hi I am operating on Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
The Audacity is ver. 2.1.0
I don’t know if I used .exe installer or the zip
Have been using this program for over a year, so I’m pretty acquainted with most of it’s features. This is a mystery:
I clicked something in error or made a wrong key sequence while in Audacity. My scale background has gone from solid grey with a larger cobalt blue waveform, to having a white band through the scale; from +5 to -5 on the scale. And the waveform appears somewhat miniaturized. My eyesight is compromised so this setting error will not work well for me. How can I change it back to the original grey scale? Thanks! Penny

Please, Penny, don’t jump into someone else’s topic with a totally unrelated question. Use the “New Topic” button near top left of http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=46. :wink: I started a new topic for you with a relevant title.

Press F1 on your computer keyboard to go back to Selection Tool.