Whirring problem after a few seconds of recording

Hi, I’m an Audacity user on Win 10, and I’m running the latest Audacity version 2.2.1.

Recently, I’ve noticed that when using a specific mic with Audacity, after a few seconds of recording (usually after 10 seconds) it generates a high pitch whirring sound whenever I speak. This is solely an Audacity problem. When speaking to friends on Discord, or recording with OBS, this doesn’t happen. I should note that there is a noticeable buzz to the mic (it’s a bit old, I’ve had to solder it many times) but it’s not that bad, until the whirring that is. I don’t believe it’s the mic, but on my desktop and my laptop it has this problem, so it’s something with Audacity not agreeing with it.

Help is appreciated. Thanks!

Is this a conventional (not USB) mic, plugged into a mini-jack socket on a laptop computer?

Please post a short audio sample to illustrate the problem. See here for how to attach an audio sample: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-an-audio-sample/29851/1